The Elusive and Mysterious Schroederville Monkey
The Schroederville monkey came out of his hiding.  He apperently tried to climb on top of Russ and Megan Brickner's roof when the stepladder he was using fell away from him.

The Famous Schroederville Monkey hides for months on end.  He only shows his face (and rear end) on special occasions.  The above picture is from Noah and Barb Schroeder's house.  After they returned from their honeymoon, they discovered the pair hanging from their tree in the front yard.  As you can see, the baby is clearly hanging on for it's dear life!!!  The pair must be close to 18 feet in the air!

Picture below is the last time the monkey appeared.  He apparently felt that Russ and Megan's wedding would be a great time to terrorize the New Cleveland and Schroederville neighborhood again. 

He looks for food, beer and other items of interest.

Another time he showed up he was sitting on a toilet in Greg and Pam Schroeder's yard at the corner of 109 and 613. Before that, he climbed high into Marty and Linda Schroeder's tree which happened to be the same night their daughter Nicole got married.

The Schroederville Monkey has been known to climb Gary and Peg Kuhlman's silo.   He has also climbed to the top of Leo and Rita Schroeder's TV tower.  He has also showed up several times on Road E. 

This Scary Creature has also climbed Vince and Mary Schroeder's Barn and got stuck 40 feet in the air!

The fear of Schroederville and the whole New Cleveland community can not be put into words.  No one ever knows when, where or how the Schroederville Monkey will show his ugly body again.  NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THIS CREATURE.

The only question that remains is where will he go into hiding next and when will he strike again?

If anyone has any other pictures of this "thing", please pass them along to me so we can post them on this website.

NEWS FLASH>>>>>>>>> It is believed that the mysterious Schroederville Monkey has given birth.  Yes it is true.  Several people have seen this small monkey from a distance lurking in the shadows in and around Schroederville.  The first pictures are now available.  It seems that they pair has struck Noah and Barb Schroeder's home while they were on the Honeymoon.  This pair of creatures has begun to terrorize the neighborhood.

Please notify Buford (Greg Schroeder), the security and peace officer for Schroederville, if you see or hear this baby monkey anywhere else.  If anyone out there has a picture, please send it to us right away. 

This whole time, everyone thought this monkey was a male.  The big question now is, WHO IS THE FATHER!!!!!!  Stay tuned for more details as they become available. 

The mystery continues.  A small brown monkey was also seen swinging from Noah and Barb's trees!!!  What is this all about?