Schroeder de mayo
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May 6, 2006
Russ Brickner get his shot at hitting the pinata
Dean Hermiller Takes his turn
Vince Schroeder is not successful either
Marcy Schroeder tries
Matt Schroeder tries and falls
Dylan Altman takes a big swing
The kids scramble to get all the goodies that was in the Pinata
Karl and Marilyn Inkrott
Tom and Mary Ann Deitering
Marty and Linda Schroeder
Everyone at Schroederville wished Karl Inkrott
"Happy Birthday"
Mike and Deb Lammers
Diane Vennokotter
Danielle Schroeder and Stacey Niese
Ryan Knueven can't believe this is Pat Lammers's first Schroederville party
Barb Ellerbrock & Cheryl Rieman
Corona was the beer of choice at schroeder de mayo
Clothes pins were
EVERYWHERE ! ! ! ! !