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When the first Schroeders left their homeland of Germany and came to America, they settled in many places.  In our local area of Putnam County, Ohio, they set up homes and farms in the rural areas of mainly Leipsic, Glandorf, Columbus Grove and New Cleveland.  The Schroeders that settled in Putnam County are quite unique as we pronounce our name with the long "A" as in "Schrader".  The reason for this is unknown and only speculation exists.  As anyone will travel the United States, there are only a very few pockets of Schroeders here and there which pronounces Schroeder in this manner.  Even the Schroeders to the north of us in Henry County pronounce it with a long "O" instead of the long "A".  This is what makes Putnam County Schroeders unique. 

We are all still Schroeders no matter how it is pronounced.  If you have a good theory on this matter, I would be anxious to hear about it.  Click on the "Webmaster Page" and drop me a line.

To this day, there are farms in all of these areas of Putnam County that have been in the "Schroeder" name for over four, five and six generations.  The Schroeder heritage is one that is to be proud of, just as with all the early settlers.  Other Putnam County family names include, but not limited to: Niese, Lammers, Inkrott, Maag, Verhoff, Ellerbrock, Stechschulte, Kaufman and Meyers, just to mention a few.  All of the families in Putnam County have very deep roots and proud histories in Putnam County.

The New Cleveland Schroederville recognizes and salutes all the family names with deep Putnam County roots and also all the other "Schroederville" communities including Glandorf, Leipsic and Columbus Grove.  All the Schroedervilles in Putnam County have so much to be proud of.  The Schroederville of New Cleveland celebrates, with all the other Schroedervilles in Putnam County the traditions and histories of our family name.  All the Schroedervilles have a common link that binds us all together as a large celebration of our family name.  The New Cleveland Schroederville does not claim to be the first Schroederville, nor do we claim to be the best Schroederville, and nor do we claim to be the "only" Schroederville.

All the Schroeders in Putnam County were brothers, sisters and first cousins at one time and we are now all fifth, sixth and seventh cousins in 2009.  What a great thing to be proud of ! !   All Putnam County citizens, no matter what your last name is, should be proud of what our ancestors did to pass along our family heritages, our faith in God and our hard work ethics.

Schroederville, New Cleveland Chapter, is a community of neighbors, friends, relatives and Social Members.  We are located at the corner of St. Rt. 613 and St. Rt. 109, just North of New Cleveland Ohio in beautiful rural Putnam County, Ohio.  New Cleveland Schroederville is not bounded by any corporation limits, but rather a celebration of being one of the many families that first settled in Putnam County. 

Everyone is  welcome to attend our meetings and events and to enjoy each others company, no matter what your last name is or no matter what Schroederville you are associated with. 

We have Schroederville members as far away as Chicago, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Iowa and even in the countries of Germany, Canada, Mexico and Spain. 

Check back on a regular basis to get the very latest news and information. 

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